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Get into the role of a bartender
Learn the do’s & don’ts  of cocktail making
Make & shake your own


Cocktails Crafted & tailored to your need
Bartender + fully equipped bar at location

Freshly made cocktails delivered to your doorstep
+ bar & all you need to serve
your drinks


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Tales by you is inspired by the beautiful art of making cocktails. We love to create new recipes, to each their own taste, and oh there are so many great ones! We, Kiki and Ivana, are two passionate bartenders that have been behind the bar making cocktails for over 10 years. We figured it is time to step on the other side of the bar and teach you how to make a tasty cocktail based on your taste

 - Tales -

Cuz’ everybody’s got a story to tell 

With all of our knowledge and passion in combination with yours, we are sure to surprise your taste buds for a new experience. We teach the little but oh so important things that make the difference between a good cocktail and a great cocktail. 

Shake it 'till you make it

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